Welcome to Wakwetu Youth Group

Wakwetu Youth Group Was formed and registered in the year 2007. The aim of the youth group is to advocate for youths, women, and people with disabilities rights and spaces in the society. We focus on youth , women and people living with disabilities empowerment through youths voices and spaces in the community,health education among youths, entrepreneurship training, agribusiness trainings and advocacy work around the former western region (Kakamega, Vihiga, Busia, and Bungoma)of Kenya. We also monitor and document and research on various violations on sexual and reproductive health rights on adolescent girls and boys.

        Our vision
                Creating safe spaces for Marginalized Groups in the society.

1. Our Mission

To champion for social economic gender equality and by offering  fair opportunities to Youths, Women and People living with disabilities

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2. Our Value

v  Reliability v  Loyalty v  Open-mindedness

v  Consistency v  Honesty v  Innovation

v  Creativity v  Compassion v  Motivation

v  Passion v  Respect v  Patriotism v  Service to others

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We Are a community Based Organization

                                 MOVEMENT PILLARS

v  Increasing self-care issue salience among multi-sector global and national influence

v  Advancing a comprehensive package of SRHR self-care interventions

v  Enhancing community self-care literacy & demand

v  Translating evidence & learnings into self-care practice and policy


v  Enabling advocacy environment

v  Clear policy windows

v  Self-care evidence

v  Resources e.g. donor interest/support

v  Presence of self-care programs

v  Influence of self-care champions

v  Partner consortium-advocates at all levels



v  Realizing Rights

v  Empowerment

v  Active participation

v  Intersectionality & Diversity

v  Intergenerational Respect & trust

v  Integration & sustainability

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